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Theresa Stangle, DPT

  • Board Certified Doctorate of Physical Therapy in Minnesota and South Dakota

  • Graduate of Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences in 2011

  • Over 12 years of clinical experience in outpatient, acute inpatient, home health with focus on sports injury and rehab

  • Over 8 years of experience on the court and field for event coverage

  • Previous NCAA Division II athlete in volleyball and basketball

  • LSVT BIG certified for Parkinson's

  • Therapeutic Neuroscience Education (TNE) coursework to treat chronic pain 

  • Specialize in concussion treatment and rehab

All About re+active WELLness

July 24, 2022 is a day that changed my journey as a physical therapist. I am a wife and Mom of four children. I was six months post-partum and working my way back to health and fitness. I was on vacation with my extended family when I rolled over in bed and had a lightning bolt go down my leg. I went from fully active and functional to crawling on the floor just to get around my home in extreme pain. 

This injury stopped me in my tracks and as I worked through the mental and physical battle to heal this disc injury on my own, I paid due diligence to  my own physical therapy. I realized I was suppose to make some changes in my life, so here it is. 

>>>>>>>  Introducing re+active WELLness   <<<<<<<<<<<

I am excited to provide a variety of service options to continue to serve this community and support my family. By providing services in a cash-based model, I am able to keep costs low for you as the consumer while focusing on all aspects of wellness. In the clinic, in the gym or in your home, flexible scheduling to meet your needs. 


"I love helping people. I am reasonable, passionate, and here to find solutions."
- Theresa Stangle, DPT





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